2022-2023 Tuition and Fees
Enrollment Fee*
$500 per student ($750 maximum per family)
Includes registration, materials & curriculum. Enrollment fees are due each year once a student has been accepted at CCS for the upcoming school year.

Grade Levels

Registration Fee ANNUAL Tuition 12 MONTHLY Payments (June-May) 10 MONTHLY Payments (August-May)
PK3 / 2 Day $500.00  $3,850.00  $320.84  $385.00
PK3&4 / 3 Day $500.00  $4,525.00  $377.09  $452.00 
PK3&4 / 5 Day $500.00  $5,300.00  $441.67  $530.00 
Kindergarten $500.00  $7,550.00  $629.17  $755.00 
1st-6th Grade $500.00  $8,025.00  $668.75  $802.50 
7th-9th Grade $500.00  $8,385.00  $698.75  $838.50 
10th-12th  Grade $500.00  $8,385.00  $698.75



Financial Aid

At CCS, we are praying for you and your family and the important decisions that must be made concerning how and by what means you will continue along this path of educating your child.  Our prayer is that God will lead you to entrust your children to CCS and provide the financial means as we strive to develop the cultural and spiritual leaders of tomorrow through classical and Christian education.

If you have any financial aid questions or needs, it is important to contact the school admissions office for information.  There will be new procedures for the upcoming school year.  You can contact Michael Sabo (msabo@ccs-pc.net) for more information or questions.