The House System at Covenant includes four houses.  House names consist of the following names: Courage, Honor, Truth, and Wisdom.  While all students are placed in a house, most of the activities will involve Logic and Rhetoric students.

CCS House Structure
House Coordinator
House Governor (Staff Member)
House Senator (Student Leader)
House Representative (Student Leader)
House Support Positions (Students)

This program is based on the “house” concept, a tradition in both colleges and boarding schools. In that model, the group with which a student is associated is based on the residence or house in which that student lives. Individual houses have their own elected leadership, charters, and traditions.

Covenant uses is the same premise. Students in grades 7-12 are all placed into one of four houses: Courage, Honor, Truth, and Wisdom.


The unique vertical structure of the house program helps students develop relationships and partnerships that cut across the traditional classroom and grade-level boundaries. It allows younger students access to the fine young men and women in the Logic and Rhetoric School as they participate together in community and service events, a recipe for true discipleship.


Competitions include a variety of events and activities engaging the entire community, including competitions between the houses to see who will be the winning house at the end of the year.

Student Leadership

The House Program gives each of our Logic and Rhetoric School students the chance to step up to student leadership and responsibility. By taking responsibility for their own community, students have a richer, fuller experience of life at CSS. It also allows for mentoring from faculty, who are also members of the houses. The program enables students to have a higher sense of ownership in school life and a greater voice in creating the future of CCS.


Serving is important in leadership.  Houses seek to serve their school as well as the local community.