Logic (7th-9th Grade)

In the middle school years, teachers build and expand upon the foundation of the grammar school, continuing to emphasize the integration of the Christian worldview across academic disciplines.  Additionally, students devote time to a formal study of logic.  Students learn to think through content in a more in-depth manner as they seek to own their understanding of the world.  Students move from concrete to more abstract thinking, which creates a greater appetite and capacity to discuss, debate, and argue over issues both great and small.

Classrooms are designed to meet the intense curiosity of these students.  Teachers lead students in interactive class discussions, prompting them to think deeper about issues and ideas, and training students in civility and persuasion when expressing their opinions in both spoken and written word.



In Logic classes, students learn how to construct sound arguments, to identify logical fallacies, and to think critically about issues. Emphasis is placed on the development of composition skills for students to be able to communicate their ideas with proper grammar, structure, logic, and clarity.

History and literature courses are designed to deepen the understanding of great ideas and their consequences in both Western and Non-Western cultures. Students learn the history of and develop an appreciation for literature through a study of primary sources and Great Books.

The study of Latin provides many proven benefits, including increased vocabulary skills, advanced thinking skills, and a foundation for the study of other languages. The understanding of Latin culture offers a critical context for understanding our Western cultural heritage.  These students also expand their study of art and music to hone their skills of creativity and beautiful expression.



Covenant Christian School is located at Covenant Presbyterian Church, 2350 Frankford Avenue, Panama City, FL 32405.


School Tours and Visits

We encourage you to plan a visit to our campus for a personal tour.  We feel visiting our campus in person is the best way to know if Covenant Christian School is where God is leading you for your child’s education.  We’d love to meet you and your family.


General Information

The Covenant Christian School at Covenant Presbyterian Church opened in September of 1982.

Phone: 850-769-9354

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