We appreciate your interest in Covenant Christian School. We are committed to graduating young men and women who utilize wisdom and eloquence, discernment and understanding, who think critically and articulate persuasively, and who interpret the world through the light of Scripture. Our school is designed to develop well-rounded students, who will engage the culture for the glory of Christ. Some will go on to be scientists, engineers, linguists, athletes as well as poets. CCS graduates are well prepared to enter the colleges and universities that they choose and lead their peers with great success.

At CCS, we believe God places the responsibility for the education of children in the hands of the parents. We also believe that when a child is entrusted to us parents are delegating a portion of that responsibility to us. We see ourselves as serving and ministering to you, the family. Covenant is first and foremost a Christian school. This means that the primary purpose of CCS is to provide an educational environment that acknowledges Christ as the source of all truth. Our priority is to offer a program of academic excellence from a Christian worldview in an atmosphere of Godly love and discipline. We use Biblical standards as the measure for the administrator, the teacher, the pupil, and the parents.

Covenant is also a Classical school. The Classical method of education serves our Christian mission. Classical education focuses on teaching students the tools of learning in preparation for further study after high school. Classical education utilizes the trivium, or “…the natural inclinations of children at different stages of their development,” (Dorothy Sayers) to maximize their learning. Sayers proposed a marriage of the three stages of the Trivium (grammar, logic, and rhetoric) to the stages of childhood development. At CCS, through careful and thoughtful planning with a specific focus on curriculum and instruction, our teachers employ this philosophy enabling students to learn well for themselves with wisdom and eloquence.  We welcome the opportunity to speak with you regarding the possibility of working with your family in this way.

We believe God provides each of our students through His providential care and wisdom. We ask that you would prayerfully consider CCS as you seek to fulfill the great calling of preparing the next generation for the glory of Christ.


To request more information, CLICK HERE.

To apply to Covenant Christian for PreK-12, please complete the following steps:

Step 1: Complete and Submit an Online Application Form

Click Here to create an online account. This will include:

  • An online application, supplemental questionnaire and pastor recommendation
  • Uploading documents to the online application such as recent report cards, standardized test scores, and transcripts

Step 2: Student Placement Testing (K-12th grade)

  • We will contact you to schedule a date and time
  • Allow approximately 1 hour for the testing

Step 3: Parent Interview

  • Scheduled within 3-4 days after completion of assessment
  • Discuss the results of your child’s placement testing
  • Academic recommendations will be followed up in writing

Step 4: Official Offer

  • Sent via email
  • Includes a link to create a Parents RenWeb account to enroll your student(s)
    • enrollment fee is $500/student
    • Complete Tuition Payment information from Financial Office

Step 5: Welcome Packet

We will mail you a Welcome Packet with school information, required forms and request for previous school records.

Enrolling at CCS requires the following

  • Completed On-Line application – Principal interviews all new families (PK-12th). Please call the school office to schedule an interview.
  • Signed parental agreement forms (Statement of Cooperation & Statement of Faith, & Family Handbook) & Before & After Care Agreement
  • Unofficial copy of transcripts, attendance records, standardized test scores, and any appropriate school records from the last two (2) years (Grammar School & higher only)
  • Original Florida Department of Health Form (proof of immunizations)
  • Physical exam in the state of Florida dated no less than six months prior to the start of school.
  • Completed, signed & notarized CCS Permission Form (CCS has a notary on staff)
  • Copy of the student’s birth certificate
  • Copy of health insurance card
  • Tuition Contract