Academic Guidelines

Students transferring to CCS need to have an academic record that indicates they are capable of handling a challenging program. Those with grades consistently below B at other schools may have difficulty at CCS. Students with low grades must show a sincere desire to improve in the CCS environment and in some cases they may need to be admitted under academic probation to give emphasis to the need for academic success.

Behavioral Guidelines

Students transferring to CCS should demonstrate a respect for authority and a willingness to submit to those in authority over them. CCS is not a second-chance school for those who repeatedly violate rules or who have been expelled from other schools. CCS is not an alternative program for those with special academic, behavioral, or emotional needs. CCS will not serve as a detention facility or shelter from the outside world for students who cannot avoid trouble in the public school system. We do affirm the grace of God and in special cases we offer grace and forgiveness to those who clearly demonstrate a repentant heart and willingness to change their behavior patterns.

Spiritual Guidelines

Consistent with the school’s primary purpose, the typical CCS student will be a member of a Christian family. It is not required that the student be a professing Christian, but we expect at least one parent/guardian to be a professing Christian. Non-believing students/families must at least show a willingness to be open to spiritual/Biblical instruction. The Principal will make a determination on the acceptance of all non-believing families.