How Do I Develop Grit and Resilience in my Child?

It is no question that every child has the ability to develop skills in areas that are currently not their strengths. Success depends upon how their parents, teachers, and schools teach and mold them.

Studies show some children naturally have more grit and confidence than others. However, there is plenty you can do to help your child develop and grow these skills! The keys are modeling perseverance, providing opportunities for hard work, and training the heart.

Listen in to our webinar, “Growing Grit in Grammar School: A Discussion on How to Build Confident Resilient Children”, as we discuss how Covenant Christian School develops grit in its Grammar School students.

In this webinar, we have discussed:

  1. How to grow grit and resilience in grammar school students
  2. The importance of developing student leaders who are physically, spiritually, socially, and academically growing.
  3. How Classical Education provides a foundation for developing life-long learners

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