Covenant Classical School offers several resources to help families who are researching schooling options for their children.

Choosing a private school in Bay County

[eBook] A Parent’s Guide to Choosing a Private School in Bay County

Thinking about sending your child to a private, Christian school? Overwhelmed?

We’ll help you consider the options, ask the right questions, and determine a perfect fit for your family.


Off to A Great Start

[Webinar] Off to a Great Start

Is Kindergarten the next step for your child? Are you researching schools in Bay County?

Get an inside peek at how 5-year-old students are experiencing joyful discovery in day to day activities at Covenant Christian School!


Kindergarten Readiness Checklist

[Checklist] Kindergarten Readiness

Want to build confidence in your child as they prepare for the beginning of their school years?

Print the Kindergarten Readiness Checklist and keep track of skills your child has mastered as they move toward the start of their Kindergarten year.


Does it matter where your preschooler spends 1,400 Hours?

[Webinar] Does It Matter Where Your Preschooler Spends 1,400 Hours?

If your child is ready to start school, you may be looking at several options available and evaluating which is the best fit not only for your child, but for your family as well.

We invite you to get a sneak peek at Covenant Christian School by listening in to our webcast!